Embarking on a extraordinary journey

"Catherine's journey across the ocean", by Gerald Hochschild and Urs J. Knobel (illustrations). German edition 2008.


New: E-book (in german).


"In a language filled with poetry and a mysterious sense of things, Gerald Hochschild tells the story of a little girl with eyes that know how to see, ears that know how to listen, hands that know how to hold, feet that know how to walk and a heart that knows how to beat.

He tells of air, water, earth and fire. Of stars, clouds, the sea and the waves. Of the desire for freedom and true home, interior home. Of the gaze of a child on the world and nature, of her thoughts and those of her animal friends. Of the faithfulness to themselves and the rebellion against convention.

All in a universal book written for any age and country, for anyone wishing to grasp the profound essence of the world and its objects.

A true story where the atmosphere counts for more than the events. An unforgettable journey, brought even more to life by the beautifully delicate illustrations by Urs J. Knobel." © Bice Rinaldi 2009*

*Bice Rinaldi was born in 1967. She lives in Naples, Italy. She has been translating German literature since 2001. She has worked for editors such as Beisler, Fazi, Neri Pozza and Rizzoli, translating works by Zoë Jenny, Ole Könnecke, Sevgi Özdamar, Jutta Richter, Stephan Valentin and Markus Werner. Her translations have also been published by Electa, Silvana Editoriale and Skira.



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"Erzählst du uns eine Geschichte?", fragt Linnéa.
"Was möchtet ihr hören?", fragt Natascha ihre Grosskinder.
"Von dir, Grossmama", sagt Linnéa und setzt sich neben Elias auf das Sofa.
"Ich erzähle euch Geschichten, die ihr von niemand anderem hören könnt. Angefangen hat alles auf einem Schiff", sagt Natascha und beginnt zu erzählen.

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