Something glitters in the night - Chapter I/6

Days pass. Trotzki watches as the crane hoists the containers into the dark belly of the ship.

"We weigh anchor tonight," Gallo says to his friend Trotzki.

That night Trotzki cannot get to sleep. He lies in his ship's doghouse and stares at the ship's planks. Suddenly Eduardo appears and says, "C'mon, we're going back on shore for one last time."

Trotzki wags his tail and trots down the gangway next to Eduardo. It is dark outside. The lamps in the harbour throw a ghostly light on the ships' hulls. A few sailors and harbour workers are loitering about.

Suddenly two headlights blaze out of the darkness and a car approaches at full speed. It comes to a halt and the engine dies; everything is suddenly very still. Two doors open. A child gets out from one side and a woman from the other. They go to the harbour workers and start to talk to them. One of the workers points to the ship. Trotzki watches as the woman and the child approach.

Then he suddenly recognises them: it is Katharina and the woman that he saw by the fountain. Katharina is wearing yellow pyjamas and the woman is dressed in a dark blue costume and something glitters around her neck. She is holding a handbag. Trotzki cannot remain quiet any longer, he barks.

Now Katharina sees him. She remains where she is and rubs her eyes with both fists. She is no longer sure whether she is dreaming or if this is really happening. "Oh, it's you!" she cries and runs towards Trotzki. She bends down to pick him up and cries, "See Mama, this is the dog that barked!"

Her mother has now also reached the ship and looks at Katharina and the dog in amazement.

"This is our Trotzki," Eduardo says.

"Oh, so you're called Trotzki," says Katharina and rubs his head with her hand, "and I'm Katharina."

Natascha and Eduardo talk quietly together.

"Mama and I want to go to Europe," Katharina whispers in Trotzki's ear.



"Erzählst du uns eine Geschichte?", fragt Linnéa.
"Was möchtet ihr hören?", fragt Natascha ihre Grosskinder.
"Von dir, Grossmama", sagt Linnéa und setzt sich neben Elias auf das Sofa.
"Ich erzähle euch Geschichten, die ihr von niemand anderem hören könnt. Angefangen hat alles auf einem Schiff", sagt Natascha und beginnt zu erzählen.

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